Our experience

As a trusted total solutions provider for marine communications industry, Hyteraems has abundant experience and world-class capabilities. Products we provide are of the highest standards in quality and reliability.


Hyteraems integrates imagination with discipline, expertise, and efficiency. Our team consists of experienced engineers specializing in design and manufacturing. To continue meeting the changing needs of our valued customers, we are committed to creating value that increases customer competitiveness through an intelligent Hytera Production System (iHPS) that delivers superior quality and service.


With 10+ years’ experience, and world-class capabilities, Hyteraems is ready to help you to increase efficiency, stay ahead of the competition.




24 years’ design and manufacturing experience in communication industry

24-hour customer support and customized solutions to fulfill customers’ needs

Dedicated R&D team with abundant experience in industrial design, mechanical design, circuit design and software development

98% of electronic components are from world famous brands

30+ high speed SMT lines(Panasonic & Siemens),  24/7 services for High-Mix, Low-Volume Production

Reliable testing solutions, equipment and labs, such as R&D lab, reliability lab and failure analysis lab

Automated assembly lines, integrated assembly capabilities

Structure design solutions to allow products working in extreme conditions (the salt fog for 28 days and UV test for 3000 hours).





Industrial Design

Mechanical Design

Circuit Design

Software Development


Inventory Management

DFX (DFM, DFT, etc.)

PCB assembly

Final Assembly

Test Solutions

Quality management

MES and traceability

Supply chain

Logistics management

After-sale Services